Immigration & Divorce: 3 Questions Answered

Posted on: 22 June 2015

The road towards naturalization is long and full of hurdles. If you've worked hard to become a naturalized citizen (or are currently working towards this goal), but are in the process of divorcing your U.S.-born spouse, you may wonder what this can mean for your citizenship status. Below are answers to three of the most troublesome questions you may have. Question #1: If I Have a Green Card but am Not Yet Naturalized, Can I Be Deported?
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Hiring Alien Workers Is Easier When Collaborating With An Immigration Lawyer

Posted on: 24 April 2015

Hiring foreigners has become a real challenge after the latest financial crisis, as the federal government tries to make sure that only U.S. citizens and permanent residents have access to American jobs. Yet, U.S. employers have been complaining about the lack of domestic workers for positions requiring qualifications that few Americans possess, such as in maths or IT. This is why these entities are turning to foreign labor. If you're a business owner and have one or more alien workers that you want to sponsor, then you must work with an attorney.
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